Sean Fawcett, Technical Architect – Vertiba employee since 2015.

2016-07-14 (2)Resident of Tucson, AZ

Sean has been involved with the
Southern Arizona Rescue Association (SARA) for 11 years, participating in over 600 missions. SARA is an all-volunteer resource for the Pima County Sheriff’s department whose members are highly traine


d search and rescue volunteers donating thousands of hours of time to missions including wilderness searches, technical rescues, and participating in ongoing training.

In this picture, Sean is doing a “Short Haul” rescue.  A short haul rescue is used when a patient is injured in a place where it would be too dangerous or too long for a ground evacuation.  The helicopter lowers a line that the rescuer and patient connect to. They are transported under the helicopter as shown.  And yes…  That is Sean hanging from the helicopter with a patient in the gurney.

Sean is not only an asset to his community, he’s also a fantastic member of our technical team!

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