Salesforce App helps the Governor’s Office Make More Time for Citizens

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In this latest edition of our “101 Ways to Run Your Business Using” series we will explore how Vertiba helped the Colorado Governors office to better manage the busy calendars Governor Hickenlooper and Lt. Governor Garcia.

Colorado State Capital uses Salesforce AppThe solution was so well received that we also deployed it for Denver Mayor Michael Hancock. Here’s some background: The Governor’s office receives hundreds of requests annually for their presence at both public and private functions. Evaluating the requests, organizing their schedules, and responding to requestors were an endless work stream for the governor’s office staff. They knew they needed an easier way for the public to invite them to functions and to streamline the decision process to determine which events actually make it onto their busy calendars. They called on Vertiba to develop a Salesforce app to help their offices save time, respond more quickly to requests, and to ensure they gave Colorado citizens the time they deserved.

Vertiba created the Salesforce app which integrated to the Governor’s public website to make it simple for the public to submit invitation forms. The forms are submitted from a “Schedule Request” tab where all the relevant data is entered by the requestor. The requests flow to a custom Salesforce app that insures no invitations fall between the cracks and that all the relevant information is available to render a decision.

The Salesforce app helps the office of the Governor in many ways. Every single invitation receives a prompt and personalized response; either a regretful decline or an acceptance. This gives requestors more time to plan around the response, and cuts down on the time office staff spends responding to follow up calls and emails. Templates are personalized with the requestor’s contact information and also confirm the event details.

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