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Project Description

Online Administrative Appeals Process Manages Thousands of Cases

Administrative Courts Scheduling and Case Management

The Office of Administrative Courts handles appeals on 30+ different procedures such as denied workmen’s comp or Medicaid benefits. As the central court system, the Office of Administrative Courts (OAC) enables agencies to resolve disputes while avoiding litigation in district court. We developed a Case Management System that supports the entire appeals process.

The tool starts by building a case through an initiation form. The VIP Form Tool streamlined intake and ensured completeness of that application as well as any required supporting documentation. The case then tracked end-to-end, includes a custom scheduling calendar for hearings and pre-hearings (across multiple calendar types). With multiple file storage and calendar syncing, complete with alerts, notifications and an easy tracking system, cases are now handled quickly and efficiently.

  • An intuitive wizard guides the public to select the right appeals form.
  • Turbo-tax like forms capture all needed information
  • Internal review process insures submissions are complete
  • Docket management and calendar schedules for judges and courtroom officials
  • Document management stores all files electronically

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