Pardot QuickStart – what is included, and how much does it cost?

//Pardot QuickStart – what is included, and how much does it cost?

What is a Pardot QuickStart?

The Pardot QuickStart is a great program to get first time marketing automation users up and running. At $4,000, it is offered as a coaching model. Your team provides the primary implementation resources, and we’ll make a Pardot expert available to support you with troubleshooting, tips, tricks and domain expertise.

QuickStarts typically last 60 days with a few milestone calls in-between. As your implementation partner, we’ll help you troubleshoot any technical implementation challenges, and perform initial migration / creation of the following assets / rules:

  • 2 email templates
  • 2 forms or form handlers
  • 2 landing pages
  • 1 automation rule
  • 1 drip program

One of the benefits of the QuickStart model is that you’ll get guided, hands-on experience. Understanding the setup and data relationships can be very useful for ongoing management of the solution.

Who is an ideal candidate for a Pardot QuickStart?

Ideal companies for the QuickStart tend to be:

  • first-time marketing automation users
  • small to mid-sized (under 100 employees with 2-5 in marketing)
  • less process-rigid
  • have inherent technical skills

These companies have quick or immediate access to IT resources that can help them reconfigure their email and website domains, and web developers to deploy tracking code. This organization also has access to a Salesforce administrator to support the CRM setup.

When should I look at a custom implementation?

A tailored implementation can start as low as $5,500 but provide much more value than QuickStarts. Examples of those who should evaluate a tailored implementation include:

  • is transitioning from Hubspot, Eloqua, or Marketo
  • performs business internationally
  • have a complex Salesforce instance (roles and hierarchies)
  • deploying Salesforce at the same time as Pardot
  • have limited web development, IT, and Salesforce resources
  • have multiple sales/marketing stakeholders and/or are seeking a turnkey deployment

While hardly an exhaustive list, we expand on it more in the next article: “When to choose a custom Pardot implementation.”

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