[Updated] Vertiba’s Mobile Inspection App Gives Field Techs & Inspectors Real Time Access

//[Updated] Vertiba’s Mobile Inspection App Gives Field Techs & Inspectors Real Time Access

The launch of the new Salesforce.com Platform Mobile Services in April opened up its cloud platform to support a new class of mobile apps. We here at Vertiba are very excited about building mobile solutions that leverage the Salesforce.com platform.

mobinsp2013This new mobile inspection app was originally designed for a provider of self-storage properties. It leverages the power and flexibility of the Salesforce Mobile platform and HTML5 while running on both Android and Apple IOS products. The Vertiba Mobile Inspection App allows field technicians to conduct site surveys, inspections and other tasks in real-time right from their mobile devices. It’s fully customizable, enabling inspectors to view repair histories, create tickets, and order parts. It also supports both online and offline access and the submission of photos/videos along with annotation features.

At the same time, administrators and dispatchers back at the office can assign inspections and customize work orders as needed. Inspection results can be reviewed with dashboards/reports and workflow steps may be initiated based on the results of the inspection.

Whether you are a property manager, overseeing multiple buildings, or a field agent checking medical equipment, our inspection app is designed to work in the field right from your mobile device, boosting efficiency of field staff in real-time. Watch our YouTube demo

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