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Introduction to Vertiba’s Adult Protective Services (APS) Accelerator

Vertiba has built a Case Management Solution specifically tailored to meet the needs of Adult Protective Services (APS) divisions. Our solution is a mobile-friendly case management solution, and has changed the way many of our State APS divisions do business.  We believe that the existing solution will serve as an accelerator to speed development of a solution for your organization. Also, given the investment and time spent in developing optimized processes for CDHS, it is probable that this solution could deliver efficiencies that have not yet been considered by your organization.

Working on the platform, the Vertiba solution provides a cloud-based application that allows CDHS to effectively track abuse cases and drastically decrease time spent on case documentation. Through Mobile enablement, staff are now able to input information in the field and capture the full 360-degree view of a case. Robust analytics provide insight on client relations, repeat offenders and staff efficiency allowing CDHS to better serve their community while saving 50% annually!


Our Understanding of [CLIENT]’ Needs

Knowing the importance of the [CLIENT]’s data collection and reporting in the Adult Protective Services (APS) system, it is vital that the solution be robust and scalable. Vertiba’s solution is designed to improve the data collection process, increase visibility across counties, facilitate data exchange between counties and allow for easier navigation and case resolution. With this system, the goal is to collect the APS information resulting in better services and protections for at-risk adults.

To align with the vision of having a modern, modular and cloud-based APS system, Vertiba is proposing the following solution. All components of the solution will be cloud-based.

Proposed World Leading Case Management Solution

As the Prime Contractor, Vertiba has assembled a team that has the right combination of leading-edge technology, industry expertise and proven implementation expertise to accomplish and exceed [CLIENT]’s Case Management System goals and objectives. We are proposing as the Cloud platform and Software-as-a-Service Case Management solution.

Vertiba is very confident the solution we are proposing will exceed your requirements.