Mobile-friendly application unifies state and county APS on a cloud-based solution

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Calling into report something as private as an abuse claim can be difficult for the person on the other line, that’s why it’s important to capture information fast and accurately. Working with the Colorado Department of Human Services Adult Protective Services, Vertiba built CDHS a game changing cloud-based solution using Salesforce allowing them to quickly collect information and track abuse cases, drastically improving time spent on case resolution.

Designed with the user in mind, the system is easy enough that staff are now able to input case information anywhere they go, capturing the full 360-degree view of a case. Because most assessments occur when caseworkers are in the field, the application pages have been developed for staff to quickly add intake data, and works on all types of mobile devices, tablets/iPads and smartphones.

Their previous system had complex case management workflows, was extremely slow, inefficient and lacked reporting capabilities. Our team designed a new application on the Salesforce platform to facilitate the case management process, all while maintaining original intake data and the ability to input mandatory investigation on case notes and client interviews.

“Most importantly, this system is incredibly transparent. We can really track what workers are doing and when they’re doing it,” says Peggy Rogers, manager at CDHS. Staff are now able to consistently track daily documentation activity, see timing of case entry as well as the ability to scan and collect quality documentation.

aps_graphIncreases they’ve seen over the past six months include:

> Increase in Timeliness of Initial Response to New Reports. Counties have consistently hit their goal of 98% – September of 2014 to February 2015.

> Increase in Timeliness of Investigations. With a goal of 90% timely, measurement started in August of 2014 and counties were at 75% timely. Steady progress has been noted – 90% goal was reached in February 2015.

> Increase in Timeliness of Assessments. A goal of 90% timely, last August counties were at 71% timely, exceeding in January; 91% and February 93%.

Aside from providing transparency, Peggy says that many of the CAPS tool features are helping her team increase quality of casework being conducted. Custom reporting features streamline the process providing the ability to automatically schedule and email supervisors on a regular basis.

Our solution architects, Kirsten and Sarah built a case review tool using the Conga interface that is incredibly helpful in reviewing cases. It works by gathering the entire case history and transferring data into a Word document in chronological order making the data easier to digest; an Excel scoring tool is an added bonus that Peggy says now helps them with more formal case audits. Watch this demo on our Vertiba’s YouTube Channel to see the live application.

Robust analytics in this application provide insight on client relations, repeat offenders, and as you can see has drastically increased staff efficiency. A solution allowing CDHS to better serve their community, giving them the ability to make decisions faster, improve productivity — driving exceptional results across their system, saving 50% annually.

If you can dream it, we can build it! So get your head in the clouds and see the cool things we can build for you using the Salesforce Platform!

“This system has radically changed the APS program for the better. We simply love what this will help us do to improve services for our clients.” — Peggy Rogers, CDHS Adult Protective Services.

Read more about the project here.

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