Tips for Setting up your own Mentor Program

//Tips for Setting up your own Mentor Program

Generally, the Vertiba mentoring relationship is designed to nurture the development of an employee with the goal of advancing a specific skill set or knowledge base of the Mentee.   The Salesforce consulting services that we provide require that we support an environment of constant learning. The Mentor chosen is particularly skilled or knowledgeable in a specific area and is able to share his/her talents and knowledge with others who may still be growing in those areas. In this way, the Mentor’s wisdom and know-how can be utilized to not only support the professional growth and development of the mentee, but also to improve the Mentee’s overall value and contribution to the company and their clients.

We expect that employees treat the Mentor / Mentee relationship with the same care and attention that we provide to our clients and customers.  In order for the program to work, it is important that quality time is taken to understand the Mentee’s specific needs and goals and then to foster continual communication and collaboration throughout the duration of the relationship.  Mentors are tasked to provide honest and constructive feedback and to encourage the mentee to step out of their comfort zone.

Vertiba supports the Mentor Program in many ways.  We utilize the different collaboration mediums, such as Chatter, Google Hangouts, and office space in multiple locations, to provide opportunities for the Mentor and Mentee to connect. We also take care to staff the pair on select projects together to ensure continual collaboration and face-to-face growth opportunities.  Lastly, we know it can sometimes be difficult to dedicate adequate time to the mentoring relationship so we encourage and support participants by picking up the tab for bi-monthly lunches for Mentor / Mentee meetings.

Mentorship is a mutual partnership.  It is easy to imagine how the program helps the Mentee who benefits from the advice, direction and feedback of a peer.   At the same time, Vertiba Mentors gain leadership experience, the skills to be a better manager and the personal satisfaction of knowing they helped a team member build their competencies.

We believe that a mentor program fosters growth, trust and ultimately promotes advancement, which boosts employee satisfaction.  A satisfied, quality team is the fundamental element in the value of our Salesforce consulting services and our Mentorship program delivers just that.  We’ve got the best AppExchange customer satisfaction ratings  to prove it.

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