The ExactTarget Marketing Cloud Supports the Purchase Process of the Connected-Customer

//The ExactTarget Marketing Cloud Supports the Purchase Process of the Connected-Customer

More and more of Vertiba clients are asking for help with Marketing Cloud implementations which encompass far more than simple email marketing. The ExactTarget Marketing cloud is a fully integrated solution that supports the needs of the connected-customer. Gone are the days where Don Draper, after a 3-martini lunch, can dictate the power of brand to a passive audience. The new always-connected customer expects their needs to be at the forefront of your company’s decision making. They won’t suffer poor products or lackluster service in silence. They have a voice and they will, through social forums and online communities, be heard. The connected customer has choices and it is seeking the solution that best fits their needs.

marketing-cloudMarketing automation tools have evolved over the past decade to help companies meet the needs of the connected customer. Early on, they were all about delivering email to your leads and customers. But Salesforce acquired ExactTarget last year as the basis for creating a fully integrated Marketing Cloud that encompasses email and multiple other touch points on the purchase path of the connected customer. It is built on the Salesforce platform and combines the marketing power of:

1. Email ranging from simple emails using templates to its sophisticated automation studio with multi-step workflow.
2. Website and landing pages
3. Analytics and reporting
4. Radian6 – Social Monitoring
5. Buddy Media – Social Publishing and engagement
6. – Social Advertising
7. Mobile

There are dozens of marketing tools on the market but the ability to integrate everything within a single system gives the ExactTarget Marketing Cloud a distinct advantage. The Marketing Cloud delivers a unified view of the customer including an unlimited amount of social media conversations, dynamic reporting, and notifications.

Salesforce took ownership of another great marketing automation tool when they purchased ExactTarget – Pardot. It fully integrates with Sales Cloud and lead nurturing and lead scoring. Pardot is a great choice for small to medium size B2B organizations who need the ability to nurture marketing qualified leads into sales qualified leads who are ready to engage with your sales team.

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