Being a part of a community is more than just where your located, it’s how you help the members in that community that truly makes an impact.  That is a lesson that our Ohio consultant, John Courtright firmly believes in and one he passes along to his kids every single day.  In fact, every 3rd and 5th Sunday, you’ll find the Courtright family giving their time to the Meals on Wheels program that is ran through the Ohio Lifecare Alliance.

But it doesn’t stop there.  This OSU alum also donated his time, and his family, to the “Feed the Funnel party at OSU where they made over 72,000 meals in a couple hours.   In this picture you’ll see his wife and youngest daughter preparing meals for those in need.

This spirit of family and giving back are part of our culture and values at Vertiba, and one’s John lives every day.  He’s a huge contributor to his community, his family and our company!


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