Configure Price Quotes (CPQ) simple, easy and fast! 2018-03-02T18:25:30+00:00

CPQ (Configure Price Quotes) doesn’t have to be painful!

Suffering from running your complex product offerings through Excel or other legacy systems? Many of our clients were using manual tools, reporting it was taking time and extending the sales effort to multiple offline pricing calculators. This is not the experience you want for potential customers. Salesforce’s CPQ Cloud (Steelebrick) can:

  • Configure quotes with speed and accuracy.
  • Deliver branded proposals instantly.
  • Send invoices and collect cash with ease.


Why Switch?

  1. Inaccurate sales quotes are costing you!
  2. Manually entering and reviewing quotes is killing productivity.
  3. As you grow, get a system that can scale with your team.
  4. Using a cloud solution helps mobilize your sales team.
  5. Multiple legacy system quoting tools (Word, Excel, etc.,) usually the cause of 1-4.