A Salesforce.com Consultant's Recap of the 15 Best Salesforce Apps Developed for The State of Colorado

//A Salesforce.com Consultant's Recap of the 15 Best Salesforce Apps Developed for The State of Colorado

Salesforce Apps for SIPASalesforce developer Vertiba has created 15 Salesforce apps for the State of Colorado. We thought we’d recap the highlights of each one to give you ideas for your own Salesforce implementation. So here is our list some of the cool things we’ve done.

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[toggle title=”#1 Governor’s Office: Correspondence and Citizens Advocate – 15 unique web forms route thousands common requests by the public for assistance. Automation frees the Governor’s staff to focus on other priorities.” open=”no”]The Governor and Lt. Governor receive thousands of letters and requests for assistance annually. The correspondence varies from irate citizens voicing their opinions, to requests to resolve missing unemployment checks to recognition requests for Eagle Scouts. With this Salesforce app, Sales Cloud and other Salesforce products replaced a legacy application to improve response time and team productivity while insuring that all deserving inquiries receive a response.

  •  Automated routing of all requests to the appropriate correspondence or citizen advocate team member for follow though
  • Includes the flexibly to create standard replies to common issues and print personalized versions
  • Linking all correspondence to a unique record for each Contact including all 2,000,000 registered voters in the State as well as the ability to segment elected officials, VIPs, and other constituencies for special handling
  • An automated process for engaging the Governor’s policy team when hot issues emerge
  • Dashboards to track the quantity of all interactions and key metrics such as correspondence awaiting a response, average response time, etc.

[toggle title=”#2 Governor’s Office: Streamlined Calendar – This Salesforce app adds automation to the management of thousands of appearance requests.” open=”no”]The offices of the Governor and Lt. Governor receive thousands of requests annually for their presence at public and private functions. Their offices needed an easy way for the public to invite them to public and private functions while streamlining the decision process for determining which events actually make their calendars.
Salesforce.com Sites integrated to the Governor’s public website allows the public to submit invitations in a uniform and thorough manner. The requests flow to a flexible Force.com application that insures no invites fall between the cracks. Every invitation receives a Regretful Decline or an Acceptance that take advantage of integrated email templates that can be personalized as needed. Salesforce’s workflow function supports unique process requirements for each elected official’s office.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”#3 Governor’s Office: Appointments for Boards and Commissions – The application and review process streamlined for filling over 2,000 positions through appointment. ” open=”no”]The Governor fills over 2,000 positions through appointment. This includes everything from Secretaries of State Agencies, to the Land Surveyor’s Board to Adams State College Board of Regents. This is one of the best Salesforce apps for managing the entire application and review process. This includes web forms for the public to apply for a position, managing the term of office and required credentials for each position, State Police background checks, and generating official appointment documents.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”#4 Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT) – Using Sales Cloud to attract business to Colorado.” open=”no”]OEDIT focuses on growing Colorado’s economy by attracting domestic and international corporations to the state. The department includes divisions that target Global Business, Small Business, and Tourism. Salesforce.com helps OEDIT manage their Accounts/Contacts and development opportunities through a standard lifecycle/funnel. By implementing one of the best Salesforce apps, OEDIT can now access their development data without having access to a network shared-drive. OEDIT is also afforded greater flexibility in reporting on their data and visualizing those reports through dashboards. A Web-to-Lead form helps close the loop on website-driven information requests.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”#5 DOLA EO5: Meeting a Campaign Promise to Collaborate with Local Governments – Leveraging this Salesforce app is both a way to manage the rules under development, and a platform for communicating with local governments.” open=”no”]As a former small businessman, Governor John Hickenlooper knew the impact state rulemaking could have on local government and the economy. An early Executive Order upon taking office mandated that local governments (e.g. cities and towns) be included in the rule making process of the various State agencies.

The Governor’s mandate required a set of structured interactions with the local governments. The executive order also specified that each Agency report on their interactions with and responses from the local governments on a rule-by-rule basis. By leveraging Force.com custom objects, person accounts, and campaigns, Rule Administrators are able to enter details on a proposed rule and send mass emails to interested parties. Responses are collected through a VisualForce survey page and Salesforce.com Analytics provides the needed reporting on key metrics.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”#6 DORA: Publishing A Regulatory Agenda on the Web – Meeting legislation requirements with a public calendar outlining when new regulations will be proposed.” open=”no”]Recent legislation requires DORA to publish a calendar listing when new regulations will be proposed. The data is maintained in Salesforce.com and published on both the DORA and Colorado Secretary of State’s web sites simultaneously. Members of the public can subscribe to listservs and also be notified automatically by this Salesforce app when the calendar is updated.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”#7 DORA: Streamlining Red Tape with Public Input – Website form enables public to submit ideas for process improvement.” open=”no”]In a continued effort to streamline state processes, the Governor created an easy means for the public to identify areas they think are too bureaucratic. A form on the Governor’s web site, let’s the public submit ideas for process improvement. A team at DORA, reviews the submissions, and works with the appropriate agency to identify improvement ideas. The entire process is tracked with one of the best Salesforce apps so that no submissions fall through the cracks. Dashboards enable the DORA team to easily measure the success of the initiative.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”#8 CDOT Aeronautics Division: Improving the Capital Budget Requests Process – A one-stop-shop portal for airports to manage and monitor capital planning, grant applications, spending, and tax funds in real-time.” open=”no”]The DOT’s Aeronautics Division manages funding for hundreds of local airports throughout the state. Previously, their process had been supported through a series of emails and spreadsheets. A Force.com application built on Authenticated Sites technology provides a “one-stop-shop” portal for airports to manage and monitor capital planning, grant applications, spending, and tax funds in real-time. The application eliminates much of the previously intense manual communication that was required by both local airport officials and DOT employees once grant applications had been submitted. We’re not the only ones who think this is one of the best Salesforce apps. The application has been showcased throughout the Department of Transportation and won the Most Innovative State Program award given by the National Association of State Aviation Officials (NASAO).[/toggle]
[toggle title=”#9 CDOT: Transit & Rails Grant Tracking – Salesforce app and portal manages the grant process including applications, reimbursement requests, payments, inventory tracking and more.” open=”no”]The CDOT Transit and Rail Grant Tracking application goes beyond Sales Cloud to deliver a custom Salesforce application and portal that manages requests for funding and grants. A primary goal of this project was to reduce manual work and improve efficiency of tracking Grant and contract progress for Grant Coordinators. This Salesforce app manages a grant from request to completion and includes functionality to track projects and inventory linked to grants as well as reimbursements submissions and progress to payment.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”#10 CDOT: Public Communications Case Management – Issues identified by hundreds of public calls per month are routed, tracked and resolved with this Salesforce app. ” open=”no”]The Public Communications team at CDOT fields 200-300 calls a month from the public regarding issues ranging from road closures, to personnel problems to rockslides. All issues will soon be logged in Salesforce.com and tracked to resolution. The goal is to easily assign a response to the right person whether at HQ or a field office, leverage responses to similar past issues, and quickly resolve the issue/question.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”#11 CDOT: Local Project Tracking – Salesforce app and portal to manage CDOT Local Public Agency transportation projects from design through construction.” open=”no”]The “Project Tracking” program intends to build a custom Salesforce app and portal to manage CDOT Local Public Agency transportation projects from design through construction. A primary goal of the effort is to facilitate transparency of CDOT projects by providing a platform that allows Local Agency Coordinators to input project tracking detail.

To achieve these goals, the tool will provide: pre-defined tracking points and clearances, auto-calculated project risk assessments, standardized status tracking, reimbursement requests, project approval workflows, and access to knowledge material to help guide users through their process.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”#12 CDHS: Adult Protective Services Case Management – Salesforce app for county social workers and the DHS Adult Protective Services team, to track allegations of elderly abuse.” open=”no”]This project is just getting started. It will provide a tool for county social workers and the DHS Adult Protective Services team, to track allegations of elderly abuse. For each Case, all of the key relationships, details of the victim, status of the investigation and supporting documentation will be tracked.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”#13 Office of Administrative Courts – E-File automates application processing for appeals.” open=”no”]Vertiba leveraged the Salesforce platform to build a public facing process for accepting appeals applications from the general public or attorneys to over 30 different case types supported by the OAC. An intuitive wizard guides the public to select the right appeals form. All data entered in the form is sent directly into Salesforce for review and a PDF of the completed form is immediately available for the applicant. OAC team members review the submissions for completion inside this Salesforce app. Once approved, the completed appeals application is passed via an integration to eFile for a Court hearing.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”#14 DPA, State Controller – Salesforce apps used to manage contract reviews, team’s time and project status.” open=”no”]The State Controller’s Office reviews and negotiates hundreds of contracts each year. Salesforce is being used to manage all requests to review a new contract, to track the time the Controller’s team spends on each project, and to track the status of the project as it works its way through the negotiating lifecycle.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”#15 OIT: Audit Tracking – Salesforce app used to identify and track audit requirements that have technology project implications.” open=”no”]Frequently, when an Audit is performed on a State agency, the recommendations include steps that require a technology implementation. One of our picks for best Salesforce app is being used by OIT to track each of the audit requirements that have technology project implications.[/toggle]

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